As the game evolves and new features appear, it is entirely possible that your device becomes unable to run the game smoothly, even on lower settings.

We have a list of devices that are currently excluded from installing the game due to very high level of instability:
- Samsung Galaxy M02
- Motorola Lenovo K12
- Samsung Galaxy A02
- Itel A48
- Itel Vision
- Vivo V2120

For those devices, it will be impossible to download or update the game from the Play Store.

This list may evolves in the future. We will make sure to update it once we have more information.

In such situation, we kindly invite you to consider upgrading your device as it is still possible for you to join us on the game, your account won't be lost! All you need to do is to restore your cloud save on your new phone. Should you struggle to do so, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.